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As homeschoolers, we all have our favorite resources. BrainPOP has to be my all time favorite online resource. BrainPOP covers a wide range of topics with short informative and often funny videos that my kids find engaging. Tim and Moby always have a fun take on events and topics and the extra sections with games, more information, and even primary source materials makes BrainPOP our first stop when we want to dig deeper on a topic.

Subscribing to BrainPOP
Tim and Moby in the George Washington Video

Tim and Moby in the George Washington Video

There are a few ways to subscribe to BrainPOP to access the videos. There is a Family Membership that allows you 24-hour access with one login. There is also a Homeschool Membership that allows for 24-hour use for up to three students. The Homeschool Membership gives access to MyBrainPOP where you can assign sections and videos to your students. We use the single login membership and haven’t had any trouble. I use my lesson plans on Homeschool Planet to “assign” the videos or materials and that has worked well for us. Also check with your local school district. Some districts have an account that you are able to use.

The Memberships to the site are available through BrainPOP directly, but you can save 25% on the yearly membership by purchasing through Homeschool Buyers Co-op.

Family Membership Homeschool Membership
Directly From BrainPOP $115 yearly $240 yearly
Through Homeschool Buyers Co-op $86.25 yearly
(current group price)
$180.00 yearly
(current group price)
BrainPOP and The Good and the Beautiful History 1

Along with our book of time and timeline figures, we use BrainPOP videos and materials to deepen our history studies. This list lines out the BrainPOP topics we are using with The Good and the Beautiful History 1 to enrich each topic. I like to split screen between the lesson and the BrainPop page so we can explore the materials more easily.

BrainPop History Screenshot

How We Use BrainPOP – Split Screened With TGTB History 1 PDF


11/07/17 Update – I have added links to BrainPOP Jr. videos also. BrainPOP Jr. is aimed at a younger audience. and is a separate subscription from BrainPOP. BrainPOP Jr. is slightly less expensive than BrainPOP and is available through the same links for BrainPOP above.

Unit 1 – Ancient History

Lesson BrainPOP BrainPOP Jr.
Ancient Egypt: Government and Buildings Seven Wonders Ancient Egypt
Ancient Egypt: Afterlife & Herodotus Mummies
Egypt from 600BC to Modern Day Egyptian Pharaohs



Unit 2 – Middle Ages & Renaissance

Lesson BrainPOP BrainPOP Jr.
Ancient Britain Building Basics (mentions Stonehenge)
Spread of Christianity in Ireland/St. Patrick St. Patrick’s Day
Spread of Christianity in England Fall of the Roman Empire (Constantine)
Life in the Middle Ages Feudalism

Middle Ages

Magna Carta Magna Carta
Black Death and Renaissance Black Death

Leonardo DaVinci

Scientific Revolution Copernicus

Galileo Galilei

Isaac Newton

 Moon (mentions Galileo)
Faithful French Huguenots Christopher Columbus  Christopher Columbus


Unit 3 – French and Indian War through Revolutionary War

Lesson BrainPOP BrainPOP Jr.
Young George Washington George Washington  George Washington
French & Indian War French and Indian War  Iroquois
Reasons for a Revolution Causes of the American Revolution
Sons of Liberty and Boston Tea Party American Revolution

John Adams

2nd Continental Congress US Constitution

Constitutional Convention

James Madison

Character of Thomas Jefferson Thomas Jefferson
Coming Forth of Declaration of Independence Declaration of Independence
Valley Forge and Alliance with France Alexander Hamilton

Benjamin Franklin

Articles of Confederation Articles of Confederation
 The Blessings of a Constitutional Democratic Republic Democracy

Political Party Origins

Local and State Governments (talks about what government is)


Unit 4 – Victorian Era, History of Flight, Cold War Era

Lesson BrainPOP BrainPOP Jr.
Victorian Period Industrial Revolution
Two Famous Victorians Charles Darwin
History of Flight Amelia Earhart

The Wright Brothers

Amelia Earhart

Transportation (mentions Wright Brothers)

Cold War Part 1: Berlin Blockade Great Depression

Great Depression Causes

World War II

World War II Causes

Cold War

Cold War Part 2: Rebellion and Resistance Communism

Korean War

Space Race Apollo Project

John F. Kennedy


Moon (mentions Neil Armstrong) 
Ronald Reagan Ronald Reagan

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