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Our Favorite Online Resource

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As homeschoolers, we all have our favorite resources. BrainPOP has to be my all time favorite online resource. BrainPOP covers a wide range of topics with short informative and often funny videos that my kids find engaging. Tim and Moby always have a fun take on events and topics and the extra sections with games, more information, and even primary source materials makes BrainPOP our first stop when we want to dig deeper on a topic.

Subscribing to BrainPOP
Tim and Moby in the George Washington Video

Tim and Moby in the George Washington Video

There are a few ways to subscribe to BrainPOP to access the videos. There is a Family Membership that allows you 24-hour access with one login. You could also choose a Homeschool Membership that allows for 24-hour use for up to three students. The Homeschool Membership gives access to MyBrainPOP where you can assign sections and videos to your students. We use the single login membership and haven’t had any trouble. I use my lesson plans on Homeschool Planet to “assign” the videos or materials and that has worked well for us. Also check with your local school district. Some districts have an account that you are able to use.

The Memberships to the site are available through BrainPOP directly, but you can save 25% on the yearly membership by purchasing through Homeschool Buyers Co-op.

Family Membership Homeschool Membership
Directly From BrainPOP $115 yearly $240 yearly
Through Homeschool Buyers Co-op $86.25 yearly
(current group price)
$180.00 yearly
(current group price)


BrainPOP and The Good and the Beautiful Space Science Unit Study

The Space Science Unit Study from Jenny Phillips and The Good and the Beautiful is a wonderful foray into the mysteries of space. The materials are beautiful and engaging. The notebooking component of the science units lets my kids put together a fun notebook of what they are learning and helps them “own” their new knowledge.

I use BrainPOP side-by-side with the teaching materials to illustrate concepts and to delve deeper into topics that we enjoy. I like to add links to the BrainPOP videos for each topic in my Homeschool Planet online lesson plans (see more Chromeschoolers posts about Homeschool Planet) so there isn’t any searching. This lets us click and go, right from our daily planner. The Space Science Unit also includes links to many internet videos in the curriculum. I like to add those links to my planner as well, even though they are not linked here.

If you like to let your kids “browse” and find things that interest them, BrainPOP has a page that lists all of their space related videos, more than just what specifically applies to the lessons in the unit study. It might make for a good interest-led topical exploration day.

I have listed and linked the BrainPOP videos we used to accompany the Space Science Unit Study below. Bookmark this page to come back and click straight to the video to accompany each lesson!

Space Science Unit Study

Lesson BrainPOP Videos
Lesson 1: Introduction to Space Solar System


Milky Way

Outer Solar System

Lesson 2: Stars Life Cycle of Stars


Black Holes (in the Lesson Extension)

Lesson 3: The Solar System and the Sun Sun



Exoplanets (in the Lesson Extension)

Lesson 4: The Terrestrial Planets: Mercury and Venus Mercury


Circles (diameter)

Earth’s Atmosphere

Lesson 5: The Terrestrial Planets: Earth and Mars Earth


Lesson 6: The Moon and Its Phases Moon

Moon Phases


Lesson 7: Gravity and the Tides Gravity


Lesson 8: Asteroids, Comets, Meteors, and Meteoroids Asteroids


Lesson 9: The Gas Giants – Jupiter and Saturn Jupiter


Lesson 10: The Gas Giants – Uranus and Neptune Uranus


Lesson 11: The History of Astronomy
Lesson 12: Galileo Galileo Galilei
Lesson 13: Space Exploration – Part 1 Apollo Project

Sally Ride

Lesson 14: Space Exploration – Part 2
Lesson 15: Space Exploration – Part 3 Space Flight

International Space Station

Lesson 16: Constellations Constellations


If you liked this list, you might also like the list of BrainPOP videos for The Good and the Beautiful History 1.

Did you find the list of videos helpful? What other subjects would you like to see linked to BrainPOP videos? Let me know in the comments!

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