Printing, Laminating, and Binding Hard Copies From PDF Curriculum at Home (Photos and Video)

One of the questions I see asked all the time on the facebook group for The Good and the Beautiful is about whether people print their own materials or buy the pre-printed versions. I print some of the curriculum at home. This is how I print, the materials I use, and how I laminate and bind the books together.

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BrainPOP Videos for The Good and the Beautiful Space Science Unit Study

BrainPOP has a wonderful selection of space science videos that cover almost all of the topics from The Good and the Beautiful’s Space Science Unit Study. Tim and Moby and fun to watch and video pages on the site have further information, some primary source materials, and fun games to reinforce the concepts. Keep this quick list handy for your space science studies!

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Using BrainPOP (and BrainPOP Jr!) With The Good and The Beautiful History 1

As homeschoolers, we all have our favorite resources. BrainPOP has to be my all time favorite online resource. BrainPOP covers a wide range of topics with short informative and often funny videos that my kids find engaging. Tim and Moby always have a fun take on events and topics and the extra sections with games, more information, and even primary source materials makes BrainPOP our first stop when we want to dig deeper on a topic.


Does Your Chromebook Run Android Apps?

In May of 2016, Google announced the ability to run Android apps on some Chromebooks. The ability to run Android apps really adds functionality, especially on touchscreen and convertible devices, like our Asus Chromebook Flip.

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Curriculum Review: Scratch

Scratch is a simple to learn drag and drop programming language. It is easy to start and learn but has the ability to get really complex. I like that my kids are learning basic programming structure – if/then, looping, etc, and they love that they are creating games.


Curriculum Review: Code Combat

Code Combat is a gamified online system that walks you and your students through learning to code in either Python or Javascript. You don’t need any previous programming experience to use or play Code Combat.