Kindle Unlimited Book List For Homeschoolers

Kindle Unlimited Book List For Homeschoolers

So I did what any sane, mid-move parent would do. I signed up for a trial of Kindle Unlimited because all of the Harry Potter books were there. I figured that we could use the free trial to read books on our Kindle e-readers during our move, thus saving precious space in the car on the drive. Those Harry Potter books are not small, people. I assumed we would make use of Kindle Unlimited during the free trial and then cancel it, as we have done with several other services.

That was several months ago and we are still paying for it. And I don’t regret it one bit.

My Original Intention – Use The Free Trial And Cancel It

My original intention was for my 10 year-old to be able to read Harry Potter. I didn’t really see a lot of other content that interested me, at least in my cursory look-through. Amazon’s site could really use a boost in this particular area. Imagine my surprise one day as I started to come across titles with that coveted “Kindle Unlimited” logo on top and realized just how many cool options there are for homeschoolers.

Wait, some of our favorites are there?

Some of our favorite series books are there. We love The Green Ember books, and of course Harry Potter. My younger son has started reading the Growly books as well as The Happy Hollisters books. We are also big fans of choose your own adventure style history books, and the current Kindle Unlimited selection in that genre doesn’t disappoint. The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings are included, and I was excited to see Tolkien’s “Letter From Father Christmas” as well. There are also tons of great cookbooks for when you have to stop reading and start “mom-ing.”

While I can’t say we will always find value in Kindle Unlimited, for now we are continuing our subscription. With Kindle e-readers the service is a no-brainer, but I understand it is easy to use on Kindle Fire devices and with smartphone and desktop apps too.  In my opinion, the picture books (like those by Demi in the first section below) are best read on a computer monitor or tablet screen.

Parental Controls Via a FreeTime (Not FreeTime Unlimited) Account on Kindle E-Readers

Our e-reader Kindles share a Kindle Freetime (not unlimited) setup, so the kids only see the books from Kindle Unlimited (or regular Kindle books) that I choose to add to their profile. This is one of the most family-friendly features I could have asked for. With the e-readers they can read without distraction. As a mom, I feel good about that.

As I write this post, Amazon has posted its Black Friday deals. They are offering the regular Kindle Reader for $49.99 and the Kindle Paperwhite for $89.99 which is a steal. We have one of each. The screen on the Paperwhite is easier on my eyes and the backlight is a must for anyone that reads in the car (my kids) or in the evening where the lights might be lower (me). If you have been thinking about picking one up, Black Friday is certainly a good time to get one for less.

The Book List – Making It Easy For You To Find Good Books

To show a little of the goodness that Kindle Unlimited includes, I put together a short list below of our favorites and books on our “Kindle Unlimited To-Read” list. The list is by no means all-inclusive. Do you have any “must-read” favorites that I missed? Share them with us in the comments!

Signing Up For The Free Trial

Winter is a perfect time to give Kindle Unlimited a spin and read a few good books for free. In these colder months, we are more likely to be inside snuggled up under a toasty blanket with a hot chocolate (or coffee!) and a good book. Download your next one (or more!) from Amazon for free and enjoy a new story without ever leaving the house!

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