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We are using The Good and the Beautiful this year for handwriting, language arts, science, and history for fourth and fifth grade. We loop science and history together as a family, completing each one twice a week. I work individually with each child on handwriting and language arts because they are on different levels.

We are mostly using the PDF versions of the curriculum, with printed handwriting books and language arts books, as well as printed student explorers for history. We read the language arts readers, science book, and history readers and maps on our Chromebooks using FB Reader, and listen to the history audio online. We use google slides and docs to make reports and presentations for science and history topics, and I occasionally print them and add them to our student books. I would like to setup a portfolio for each of my kids on google sites where they can save their work for future reference but we haven’t gotten it going yet.

The kids practice spelling each day using Flippity Spelling Words, a google sheets add-on that lets them learn their spelling words, practice them, and then take a test. Each time they take the test I get an email with their results and update the sheet with the next set of new words, leaving any words they got wrong on the list.

I also use Flippity Flash Cards for the challenging words cards in level 3 language arts. I have another google sheet with the list of cards broken into chunks. My daughter opens the flash cards and says the word on the card, then uses the down arrow on the keyboard to “flip” it and hear the word said aloud. If she pronounces it correctly she uses the X key to remove it from the pile. Once there are no cards left she is done for the day.

I have been using Trello boards to plan and organize our history and science units, linking brainpop videos and external sites we can explore to dig deeper on each topic.

Using these tools gives my kids good spelling and vocab practice while freeing me up to work one-on-one with the other student. They have been valuable additions to our tech toolbox and our school day.


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